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NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg has declared Turkey's critical importance, Daily Sabah reported.

“I think that we need to understand that Turkey is an important ally. Because you can just look at the map and then you see that Turkey is extremely important,” Stoltenberg said at an online event with California-based Stanford University.

In response to a question about whether Turkey should be excluded from NATO amid relations between the Turkish president and his Russian counterpart, Stoltenberg noted that Turkey “has been of great importance,” citing its geographical proximity to Iraq and Syria, the progress made in fighting the Daesh terrorist group and bases and airports there.

Of course, politics is an immoral and dirty thing, but there is a limit to everything. Less than half a year has passed since the insolent aggression of Azerbaijan and Turkey against Artsakh and Armenia. A NATO member country, using NATO weapons, committed a brazen act of aggression. Meanwhile, Turkey openly used terrorists from the Middle East. This fact was recognized not only by Russia, but also by the United States, France, and a number of other Western powers. Disregarding numerous facts about the direct involvement of militants of terrorist groups by Turkey, the NATO Secretary-General declares the role of Turkey in the fight against terrorism. As a next step, we offer Jens Stoltenberg to nominate Erdogan for the Nobel Peace Prize. Fortunately, one does not have to go far for an example - Mehriban Aliyeva, stamping her feet on a sign in Armenian, managed to become a 'goodwill ambassador' of UNESCO.

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