December 02
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The disaster continues in Artsakh: 20,000 of our compatriots spend the night in the open air in Artsakh, our army in Artsakh must be disarmed today, the enemy has demanded to hand over all the commanders, to judge them in its territory and, most likely, to sentence them to life imprisonment, torture, or death. Avetik Chalabyan, head of the Hayaqve initiative, said at a rally in Republic Square in Yerevan on Friday.

"The road is still closed, there is no traffic, Stepanakert is under siege, Martuni and Martakert are under siege, the villages of Askeran are occupied. This is a terrible disaster that happened բեցաւսե of the plan drawn up by this government and its sponsors, and our compatriots became hostages and victims. Today, Artsakh is still bleeding. We must do everything to stop this bleeding," he said.

Chalabyan mentioned several steps that should be taken place in the next few days. "First, no Armenian soldier and commander should be extradited to Azerbaijan, secondly, the roads with Artsakh should be opened, and we should have the opportunity to deliver the most necessary things to our compatriots: food, clothes, fuel, tents, etc.

Thirdly, more than 10,000 of our compatriots have been evacuated from their villages; they should have the opportunity to return to their homes as much as possible. In addition, most importantly, they want to convince us that the last page of Armenian history has been turned and Artsakh is lost. It is not so. Let us swear that we will not put up with the loss of Artsakh. Our children and grandchildren will return Artsakh. And for that it is very important that what is left of Artsakh be preserved," Chalabyan said.

Referring to the emergency session of UN Security Council over the situation in Artsakh, Chalabyan mentioned that the representative of Armenia proposed there that a UN peacekeeping mission should enter Artsakh. "Perhaps it is one of the options that will at least temporarily be able to maintain peace in Artsakh, until Armenia gets rid of this puppet regime and regains its strength. We must understand that if there is no such mission, holding the people of Artsakh hostage will force Armenia to hand over Syunik or the corridor through Syunik.

Therefore, it is important that in the coming days the entire state system of Armenia engage in the immediate work of international partners, no matter how much this scoundrel [PM Nikol Pashinyan] disturbs us. Go, commit to work and do everything so that the most important players of the international community - USA, RF, EU, maybe also China - combine their efforts to ensure the security of our people of Artsakh, to open the roads, to block the genocidal plans of Azerbaijan," he said.

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