December 01
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People coming from Nagorno-Karabakh are in a very difficult psychological state, malnourished, extremely tired, some of them have lost their family members, relatives, they have no information from their relatives, Goris Deputy Mayor Irina Yolyan told

According to her, at this moment there is a constant flow of people who register at the center opened in Goris, where their needs are assessed. Those who need long-term treatment are transferred to medical facilities. And the number of such citizens, according to Irina Yolyan, is quite large.

"There are a large number of citizens with health problems: adults with limited abilities on wheelchairs, children with fever. Many have health problems due to malnutrition," she explained.

The families of some displaced Artsakh citizens have been separated; the parents stayed in Artsakh, the children came to Armenia. "We have a family where the parents are there; the children are here, under the care of their aunt. We were also contacted by Artsakh residents looking for their grandfather. The grandfather stayed in Artsakh, but they have not heard from him," Yolyan said.

Due to the displacement of a large number of Artsakh citizens, there is a problem of providing them with accommodation in Goris. "Goris cannot host everyone. Those who have relatives stay with them, and we try to place the others in other provinces," said the deputy mayor of Goris.

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