April 14
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The UK Anderson & Garland auction house cancelled the sale Thursday of a shield taken from Ethiopia by British soldiers in the 19th century, after pressure from the East African country's government, reports AFP.

The inscription "Magdala, April 13, 1868" is present on the shield dating from the 19th century. This date corresponds to the date of the battle of Magdala fought under Emperor Tewodros II; at that time the fortress was besieged by 13 thousand British soldiers led by Lord Napier. The campaign ended with a British victory, the emperor committed suicide, and the finds were stolen and taken to Britain.

The Ethiopian government has long demanded the return of the shield and protested against its sale. And in a statement released Thursday, it welcomed the aforesaid auction house's and current owner's decision to withdraw the shield from the auction.

By September 2023, several items from the collection had already been returned to Ethiopia, including a lock of hair belonging to Prince Alemayehu, son of Emperor Tewodros II, who died at the age of 18 in Britain and was buried at Windsor Castle.

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