July 06
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The Armenian Defense Ministry in response to Sputnik Armenia's request confirmed the fact of another advance of Azerbaijani troops in Syunik - in the area of Mount Vardasar.

"At the beginning of May, we reported that the Azerbaijani Armed Forces or border guards had infiltrated the Armenian territory much to the south - near the height south of the villages Tsav and Nerkin Khand - about a year ago.

The information about the locations of the positions coincides with the former ombudsman Arman Tatoyan's data. Tatoyan said so on 11 April, after Azerbaijani guards moved into the area of Nerkin Hand in March.

However, when Sputnik Armenia asked, the Defense Ministry said that "there are no Azerbaijani positions on the territories adjacent to the village of Tsav, and there never was any."

Moreover, when asked if there were other areas of Azerbaijani armed forces intrusion, except for the Vardenis community (Kut, Verin Shorzha and others) in Gegharkunik, Sev lich, Ishkhanasar and Nerkin Hand areas in Syunik, then the Defense Ministry said that "except for the incursions on Armenian territory in the past, no other cases were recorded".

After examining the satellite maps, on 10 May we decided to send a request to the Defense Ministry again with a satellite picture and indication of the areas of engineering works near Vardasar.

We asked for clarification whether Azerbaijani positions were visible in the photo and (if so, when the incursion took place). The reply was: "Enemy military positions at the points indicated by the arrows were deployed in May-June 2021.

We should note that during the last year there was no official information from the Armenian authorities about an Azerbaijani invasion in this region, as in the case of the Nerkin Hand village area.

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