July 25
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German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock has warned of dangerous consequences for Germany and NATO if aid to Ukraine, which is defending itself against Russian aggression, is cut.

"If we do not continue to help Ukraine, there will be a risk of Putin's troops standing on the border with Poland. Then the war will quickly spread to EU and NATO territory," she told the Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper.

"It is difficult to calculate how much we would have to pay if we had to defend our freedom and independence ourselves. Ultimately it comes down to one thing: supporting Ukraine allows us to keep the war away from ourselves as well," Baerbock pointed out, DW reported.

The German foreign minister also warned of the threat of a new influx of refugees. "If Ukraine is no longer able to defend itself - and I address these words primarily to those who reject aid to Kyiv - then millions more people will be forced to flee. After all, who would want to voluntarily live under torture and occupation?" - Baerbock rhetorically questioned. More than a million Ukrainians have already taken refuge in Germany.

"Defeat will have fatal consequences - for a free Ukraine and for a free Europe, so aid to Ukraine must be expanded," the minister emphasized. She reiterated her call to partners around the world to continue supplying Ukraine with air defense systems.

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