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The staff of the Human Rights Defender (Ombudsman) of the Republic of Armenia (RA) has received reports that the Azerbaijani servicemen have been setting fires since Sunday near the Verin Shorzha and Nerkin Shorzha, Ayrk villages of Gegharkunik Province. It is mostly about the residents' grasslands and pastures which are being destroyed by fires, RA Ombudsman Arman Tatoyan reported on Monday.

"Also taking into account that the Azerbaijani armed forces have invaded and are located in the immediate vicinity of the villages, in the RA sovereign territory, the fires also pose a real threat to the civilian population of the villages. Fires also cause serious social problems for people.

The checking of the reports show that these subversive crimes against the RA civilian population are committed intentionally.

The withdrawal of the Azerbaijani armed forces from the roads between the RA villages and communities has no alternative to guarantee the rights of the RA border residents, the peaceful and secure life of the people. It is the security zone that can ensure the rights of border residents.

Tomorrow morning, this next report of the RA Human Rights Defender will be sent—also, separately—to international organizations, as well as to the RA state bodies and the RA civil society organizations," Tatoyan added, in particular.

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