August 13
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UN Secretary-General António Guterres slammed the growth of investments in fossil energy resources against the backdrop of the situation around Ukraine and called for more active support for the transition to renewable energy.

While the consequences of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine are spreading around the world, the response of some countries to the growing energy crisis is that they are increasing their use of fossil fuels and investing billions more in coal, oil and gas, which contribute to deepening our climate catastrophe, he said in an op-ed for the Nikkei newspaper on Wednesday.

According to the Secretary General, in the face of growing climate problems, the policy to increase funding for infrastructure for the exploration and production of fossil fuels is out of touch with reality, since this type of energy resource is not a solution to the problem and never will be.

Renewable energy sources are the answer to the question of how to limit climate change and increase energy security. If we had invested earlier and in greater amounts in renewable energy, we would not again be at the mercy of unstable fossil fuel markets. Investors are still backing fossil fuels and governments are still providing billions of dollars in subsidies for coal, oil and gas - about $11 million every minute, he added.

Guterres also once again called on G20 members to remove coal infrastructure with a full phase-out by 2030 for OECD countries and by 2040 for everyone else. In addition, Guterres stressed the need to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 45% by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

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