March 31
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The Azerbaijani government-controlled newspaper announced the active phase of creating an information base for another aggression against Armenia.

Today, the newspaper published an article "Armenia and Iran are preparing an attack on Lachin and Gubadli", citing "operational information" on the allegedly forthcoming aggression on the part of Armenia and Iran. We should remind that all such information is directly controlled and supplied from the apparatus of the president of Azerbaijan. We should also remind that all previous acts of aggression by Azerbaijan were accompanied by such dispatches of information.

The article quotes operational information from diplomatic sources, claiming that some provocation involving Armenia and a subversive group of 30 IRGC servicemen was prepared. The head of the operational group is an IRGC general whose name is known to the Azerbaijani government, the article claims. "According to the information received by, the subversive group is planning to organize two successive attacks in the direction of Lachin and Gubadli regions of Azerbaijan. The first attack on one of the posts of Azerbaijani army will be carried out by a group of servicemen in uniform of Armenian Armed Forces, whose task is "to destroy human strength of the enemy. The second group will attack one of the Armenian posts and destroy all the soldiers there. At that scenes of killing of Armenian soldiers, as well as speech in Azerbaijani language will be recorded on video... The main purpose of the planned sabotage - to collect evidence for the EU mission about another act of aggression of Azerbaijan and the atrocities of the Azerbaijani army," the newspaper writes.

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