December 04
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Several American analysts have reflected on the future of the resolution of the Karabakh conflict from the viewpoint of the recent “velvet revolution” in Armenia, reported the Voice of America Armenian Service.

Analyst Jeffrey Mankoff believes that at this point it is difficult to make any predictions as to what kind of developments there will be regarding this conflict, ever since a certain stabilization of the political situation in post-revolution Armenia. In his view, however, a deepening of internal political problems in Armenia may lead to resumption of military clashes.

The new administration of Armenia has adopted an approach of having Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh) return to the negotiating table. Analyst Stephen Blank, however, does not find that this approach to be useful for the settlement of the conflict. In his view, the West should be more actively engaged in assisting the conflicting parties to reach agreement. As per Blank, the future development of Armenia is also linked to the resolution of the Karabakh conflict.

And according to analyst Olga Oliker, even though the deepening of Armenian-Russian military relations causes concern for Azerbaijan, this will further intensify the arms race between the parties.

These analysts share the view that the future course of the Karabakh peace talks remains uncertain at this point.

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