March 27
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Armenian parliament adopted draw law on introducing a point system for drivers in Armenia for violation of traffic rules.

According to the draft law, it will give drivers nine points for one year. If a violation is registered, penalty units will be deducted automatically from these 9 points.

If during the year the 9 points are exhausted, the driver will lose his driver’s license for a period of six months. After this period, the right will be restored again, as well as nine new points. If the driver uses all his nine points for the second time, this time he will be deprived of his driver’s license for a year. It can be restored after passing theoretical and practical exams. At the same time, for those deprived of their rights for six months, it is possible to prematurely return the right to drive a car by passing an exam in driving theory, but not earlier than three months after the deprivation of rights. Also, in cases where the driver has 3-4 points, he once has the opportunity to return two points by passing theoretical exam.

However, some types of offenses are criminalized. If a person whose right to drive has been suspended drives a car will be fined AMD 200-300 thousand, or arrest for up to two months with the deprivation of the ability to conduct certain activities for a period of one year. In the case of driving while being drunk the person whose driving right has been suspended will be fined AMD 300-500 thousand, or imprisoned for six months to a year with the deprivation of the ability to conduct a certain type of activity for a term for two years. Moreover, when driving a car by a person deprived of a driver’s license, he faces a fine of AMD 200-300 thousand or an arrest of up to two years. Departure to the oncoming lane will cost the offender three points.

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