February 21
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Indian entrepreneur Asad Abdullah recently posted a video demonstrating his new solar-powered e-bike, which the 22-year-old says he made entirely from scrap, TCD reported.

“It can travel quite far,” Abdullah claims in the translated video—over 124 miles. “As long as the sun’s out, it’ll continue to work.”

Solar-powered vehicles have all the same advantages as other EVs, but with a bonus: they get free energy from the sun. This cuts costs even more and can protect drivers from being stranded without power—especially in sunny regions like India.

Abdullah took full advantage of these benefits with his solar e-bike design. The vehicle has seven seats—one for the driver and six for passengers—along with a solar canopy overhead that provides shade while charging the bike’s battery.

He estimates it cost between 8,000 and 10,000 rupees to make, or a little over $100.

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