June 19
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I don't think you can remain neutral in this situation, and you are not neutral. Archbishop Bagrat Galstanyan, leader of the Tavush for the Homeland movement and Primate of the Diocese of Tavush of the Armenian Apostolic Church, stated this during a meeting with experts, analysts, political scientists, and NGO representatives of Armenia Tuesday. Galstanyan noted that their movement has three phases.

"The first phase for us was the illegal process of [border] delimitation of the villages of Voskepar, Baghanis, Kirants, and the popularization and protection of our people. We moved that struggle to Yerevan, which is the only place to solve the problem.

The second phase is probably [the Azerbaijani capital of] Baku, but our capacity is Yerevan. The second phase is the event going from the emotional background to reason.

By May 26, the second phase will be concluded, and we will enter the third phase, which is a complicated, difficult, but pleasant period, I believe, for all of us because we see the conclusion as the logical end of this movement," said Archbishop Galstanyan.

Those who have joined the Tavush for the Homeland movement are against the incumbent Armenian authorities’ policy of unilateral concessions to Azerbaijan. In this connection, they are carrying out actions of civil disobedience, especially in the capital Yerevan.

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