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Despite the huge advances in the field of robotics, the capabilities of humanoid robots are still limited mainly to information and entertainment services. A vivid example of this is the Sophia robot from Hanson Robotics, reports Techcult.

But roboticists from the Chinese company Robot Era have gone even further, sending the android xBot-L on a journey along the Great Wall of China.

According to experts, xBot-L is in many ways inferior to its predecessor and "compatriot" H1 from Unitree and the famous Atlas from Boston Dynamics. But this in no way diminishes its merits, as it confidently moves along the Great Wall of China, passing over potholes and uneven surfaces. It easily climbs the stairs, and even performs tai chi exercises in one of the towers of the wall.

All this is made possible thanks to patented technology and perception algorithms. With their help, xBot-L can navigate challenging environments and maintain a walking posture. One day humanoid robots could become one of the attractions of the Great Wall of China, which will be appreciated by its millions of visitors.

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