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Georgian-Armenians turn to Clinton for help

Georgian-Armenians turn to Clinton for helpJune 02, 2012 | 19:32

TBILISI. – Javakhk residents have turned to the U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton prior to her visit to the South Caucasus region. Over 1,650 residents have signed under a letter raising the issue of releasing political prisoner Vahagn Chakhalyan in Georgia, Yerkir union reports.

“Chakhalyan has struggled not only for improving social-economic condition of the Javakhk-Armenians, but also preservation of the Armenian national, historic-cultural, language, religious and educational values, as well as stopping Armenians’ migration from Javakhk. As a result, he was subjected to political pressures, arrested illegally and sentenced for 10 years in jail,” the letter reads.

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