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Protest action near Russian embassy in Yerevan (PHOTOS)

16:29, 16.07.2013 Region: Armenia, Russia Theme: Politics, Incidents

YEREVAN. – A protest action in protection of rights of Armenian citizen Hrachya Harutyunyan was held on Tuesday near the Russian Embassy in Yerevan (photos).

Human right advocates, reporters and representatives of NGOs participated in the action and urged to show respectful attitude towards the citizen of Armenia.

“Even if he is guilty of a crime, which the court has to prove, he should be treated with dignity and should not be taken to court hearings in a robe and under the influence of drugs. This contradicts not only the laws of any country but is a violation of the European Convention,” participant of the action Sergey Chamanyan said.

As Armenian informed earlier, a truck crashed into a passenger bus on July 13 outside Moscow, and it was found out that the truck driver was an Armenian citizen by the name of Hrachya Harutyunyan. The impact of the crash was so powerful that the bus had split in two. The accident claimed 18 lives and injured 64 others. The court had Harutyunyan arrested on Monday. It is noteworthy that he was brought to the courtroom with a women’s robe and was mocked at by Russian state-run television.

Photo by Arsen Sargsyan/

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