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The rhetoric of the "traitorous authorities" generated by some is not at all voicing the pain of a lost homeland. This is an episode of a very well-thought out and prepared hybrid war for many years. Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan wrote this on Facebook Saturday morning. He added as follows:

In 2018, as Prime Minister, I did not even have time to read the negotiation papers on the settlement of the NK [(Nagorno-Karabakh)] conflict, the same forces were whispering that our government was going to hand over the lands. That idea was being put into circulation slowly, step by step, from ear to ear.

The goal was one that if/when the time comes to defend the interests of Artsakh [(Nagorno-Karabakh)] and Armenia with weapons, the idea that war and struggle are meaningless will sound credible, everything is agreed upon at the top, "they have handed over the lands," and through these theses the country's resistance, motivation and will soldier's will be broken. And before a possible war, the country's position at the negotiating table will weaken.

Such combinations, of course, are built in close cooperation between outside and inside forces, and those who form such speeches inside very often do not even guess what they are participating in because everything is served with a high "patriotic" sauce. But the narrow elite circle cannot but know its own mission, which is based on mutually beneficial cooperation with external forces. The external forces—territories, the internal forces—power.

In 2020-2021, the first part came to be, the second part—no. But as you can see, the internal "patriots" do not calm down because their foreign partners do not consider the mission over.

Criticism of the government and state bodies is appropriate here. And why don’t you prevent? Of course, there are dozens of factors, the key of which is the degree of establishment of state institutions.

This is why I consider that our key issue is the low level of establishment of statehood and state institutions, and the main thing to do is the development of statehood and state institutions, which, in my deep conviction, is the only guarantee for our future.

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