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Today, the Azerbaijani armed forces forced out, at gunpoint, the farmers doing agricultural work in the vineyards of Khramort village. Zorik Abrahamyan, the head of Khramort village of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh), told this to Armenian Wednesday.

"They [i.e., the Azerbaijani soldiers] do not allow our residents to work [there]. The Azerbaijanis have threatened them not to come to those territories anymore. Russian peacekeepers were also present at that moment. The Azerbaijanis have forced out, under the influence of weapons, our farmers from the gardens, but there was no shooting," Abrahamyan said, adding that he had informed his superiors about this incident.

According to him, not only the residents of Khramort, but also those of the neighboring village work in those gardens.

"The villagers are engaged in cattle breeding, gardening. [But] now it turns out that they are deprived of their source of income," said the head of Khramort village.

Also as reported earlier, at around 3:30pm on Tuesday, while Khnapat village resident K.M. (born in 1983) was plowing in Khramort village with a tractor, one of the latter’s tires was damaged by the shots fired at him from the Azerbaijani combat position.

Azerbaijan armed forces targeted Artsakh resident in Russian peacekeepers’ presence, says village head

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