March 30
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30 to 40 Jewish extremists attacked a restaurant in Jerusalem owned by Armenian Mihran Grigoryan on Thursday.

The owner of the restaurant, Mihran Grigoryan, told that the restaurant's property was substantially damaged. The attackers shouted slogans "death to Christians" and "death to Arabs".

"The incident took place in the evening, around 10:30 pm. No one was hurt in the end. Everything lasted about five minutes. Only the property and dishes were damaged. The restaurant was quite full. The Jewish extremists stood in front of the restaurant and started shouting slogans "death to Christians" and "death to Arabs". They also shouted various insults, after which they started knocking over tables and chairs that were located outside. It all flew in the direction of our employees," the restaurant owner said.

According to him, the extremists had prepared for the action in advance. They had papers with slogans "death to Christians" and "death to Arabs."

Mihran Grigoryan filed an application to the police the same night. As a result, 2-3 extremists were detained. They were to be released as early as today.

"The police should continue working to identify the perpetrators. They must be brought to justice, but law enforcement officers have not yet contacted us," complained the owner of the establishment.

However, the incident did not stop there. Extremist Jews also attacked the restaurant's official Facebook page. After the incident, they began writing negative comments in an attempt to influence the restaurant's rating.

"This is not the first time extremists have demonstrated such behavior. Non-Jewish residents are systematically attacked... The government has also become a bit extremist. Minorities are harassed. People's property is being damaged, and there is no one who is responsible for all this," Grigoryan said.

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