June 19
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Head of Iran's presidential administration, Gholamhossein Esmaili, who was in another helicopter accompanying Ebrahim Raisi, provided details of Raisi's helicopter crash. According to the official, the weather conditions during the flight were favorable, with cloud cover only in one part.

"Half an hour after the flight, there was cloud cover near the Sungun copper mine, but it was not fog. There may have been fog deep in the gorge, but there was no fog on our flight path. The clouds were a little higher than the helicopter. The pilot of the helicopter, with the president on board as commander, instructed us to gain altitude and continue above the clouds.

The helicopters increased altitude, and after about 30 seconds, our pilot realized that the president's helicopter was gone. Eventually, the clouds cleared, and we could see the Sungun copper mine.

Our pilot turned around and went back to look for the helicopter. I was told that the helicopter might have crashed because we had no contact for a minute and a half. Our helicopter circled several times and failed to make radio contact. We landed at the Sungun mine 30 seconds later.

We contacted the passengers of the helicopter, but no one answered. We were then told that we called Captain Mustafawi's mobile phone, and Mr Al Hashem answered and said that he had fallen into the gorge but did not say what had happened.

Then when I contacted Mr Al Hashem, he said: "I don't feel well, I don't know what happened, I don't know where I am, I'm under the trees, I don't know, I can't see anyone, I'm alone".

He described the forest. It became clear to us that the helicopter had crashed. We took an ambulance and medical personnel and went to the site. We spoke to Mr Al-Hashem several times, he must have taken calls for about three hours. Then it turned out that everyone died at once and Mr Al-Hashem a few hours later. There was no sound of an explosion, no fire or smoke.

At 3 o'clock 3:30, the weather in the area completely changed. When the rescuers arrived on the scene, the weather had completely changed. I don't know what the weather conditions are like for a helicopter flight, but from what I saw with my own eyes, the conditions during the flight were normal. We only saw the cloud in one gorge and in a very limited area, so I cannot say whether it could have been a factor that prevented the flight or not," he disclosed.

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