July 16
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Armenia's demand from the CSTO was to provide military and military-political assistance to Armenia, but it has not been fulfilled so far, Secretary of the Security Council Armen Grigoryan said this.

"Naturally, this part cannot satisfy us. The fact that the CSTO has not yet responded properly so that Azerbaijani troops were completely withdrawn from the sovereign territory of Armenia means that our expectations were not met.

During the events in Kazakhstan, we hoped that these mechanisms would finally work and a precedent would be set.

That hope has completely disappeared, and there is no more such hope, only steps from the CSTO. If there are substantive steps, then we can think about it.

It is possible to solve the issue with the help of many instruments. The international community has many instruments, including military-political, diplomatic and economic. CSTO has military-political instruments and we can solve the problem with these military-political instruments," Grigoryan said.

Grigoryan said, when asked what steps Yerevan will take, even if there are calls today for withdrawal from CSTO, "CSTO should think about this, but not Armenia".

According to him, the threat of military action has not been ruled out over the past two years, as Azerbaijan continues to make bellicose statements and also tries to maintain tension on the border.

"Azerbaijan does not give up its aspirations for Armenia's sovereign territories and tries to put pressure on Armenia through aggression. Azerbaijani troops must leave the sovereign territory of Armenia. What we mean is that the occupation of Armenia's sovereign territory by the invasion that began on May 12 last year must be removed. In general, we can expect the ceasefire to be long-term, but at the moment there is no such confidence on the part of Azerbaijan.

Armenia has not discussed any conditions with any partner, and the ceasefire has become a reality," the official said.

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