December 02
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Artsakh's primary concern has always been and continues to be security, according to Member of Parliament Tigran Abrahamyan, as he shared on his Facebook page.

The security agenda continually evolves in response to changing times and circumstances, and currently, it is marked by considerable uncertainty, he said.

According to Tigran Abrahamyan, up until 2018, Artsakh relied on its defense army and Armenia's role as the guarantor of its security. However, following the events of 2018, the process of dismantling the state and its military began, though the army continued to fulfill its duty for a time due to its resilience.

After the 44-day war, the Armenian government not only officially distanced itself from its responsibility as Artsakh's security guarantor but also took concrete steps in that direction. Consequently, while the defense area of the Artsakh Defense Army expanded, its potential and resources significantly diminished.

Russian peacekeepers were deployed, primarily tasked with preventing conflict rather than ensuring security alongside the Artsakh Defense Army, which proved unsuccessful.

Today, according to Tigran Abrahamyan, Artsakh's security situation is fundamentally unstable.

“The Artsakh Defense Army is undergoing dissolution, and the trust of the Artsakh population in peacekeepers has reached an all-time low,” he wrote.

“What alternatives exist for ensuring security? Who will take on the responsibility of safeguarding the people of Artsakh, and through what means? These questions remain unanswered within Artsakh, leading to concerns about emigration and the vulnerability of daily life to Azerbaijani whims.

While the global context may seem to be clear, the human destinies at stake and the strategy for resistance complicate the situation and require careful consideration,” he added.

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