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At least 29 people have been killed and 4 are missing due to flooding in the Philippines.

As it is noted in the report of the National Council for Risk Prevention and Disaster Management distributed on Tuesday, the inclement weather has affected more than 1.39 million people in 14 regions of the country. Twenty-eight deaths were previously reported.

According to the agency, 203,300 displaced people are in 484 evacuation centers. At least 14.1 thousand people have left their homes in advance, 12 citizens have received various injuries. More than 1.03 thousand incidents connected with natural disasters, including floods and landslides, were fixed in 14 regions of the republic.

Natural disasters damaged 1.37 thousand houses for 2.41 million pesos ($43,800). Damage to 156 infrastructure was estimated at 171.5 million pesos ($3.13 million) and to agriculture at 399.5 million pesos ($7.29 million). Floods damaged 238 roads and 55 bridges and affected the operation of 26 seaports. Disruptions in power supply were recorded in 63 cities, but in 39 it has already been restored, in 9 municipalities there are problems with water supply, in 3 - with communication.

In 555 cities and 134 municipalities the classes in educational institutions and work at the enterprises are suspended. In 32 settlements a disaster mode is introduced. The government has already allocated 74.5 million pesos ($1.36 million) for assistance.

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