June 19
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This bill changes the terms of our relationship with our Western partners and friends, as it considers them agents of subversion and revolution that are trying to overthrow the current government. The President of Georgia, Salome Zourabichvili, stated this in an interview with the Euractiv media platform—and commenting on the bill "On transparency of foreign influence" tabled by the Georgian Dream Party.

"The narrative of ‘you have helped us for 30 years, but now you are agents of foreign influence‘ does not fit Instead of what we should be doing—working on Georgia starting accession negotiations—we are losing time... this government, the ruling party, is not eager to take us towards the results we should achieve by the end of the year by fulfilling the European Commission’s nine steps towards reform. Instead, we are focused now on this law and its consequences.

The only ones who can change the bigger picture of our current situation are the people themselves in the elections. We have to prepare peacefully and quietly for the elections and the role the EU can play. They have to make clear what Georgia’s choice is in the elections...

The EU has to hear not only people on the streets but also what people will say in the elections, which will be a type of referendum," the Georgian president added, in particular. In addition, Zourabichvili, once again confirmed that she plans to veto this law.

“My veto is as symbolic as this law has been. I know the veto will be repelled, but that does not matter, as I will do it in the name of the people protesting on the streets so that they are not left just standing on the streets," the Georgian president said.

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