January 23
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Iran's Foreign Ministry strongly condemned the overnight attack by the US and the allies on some Syrian targets, IRNA reported.

 “The attack is the blatant violation of international laws, as well as ignoring the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria,” said Bahram Qasemi, the spokesman for Iran's Foreign Ministry.

Iran is against any use of chemical weapons, based on its law, and religious and ethical codes, but at the same time it condemns using pretexts for invading any independent country, he said.

“No doubt the US and its allies that are engaged a military intervention in Syria without any substantiated document and before any final report of the Organization for Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), and have supposed themselves as the world police and judge, are responsible for regional and international repercussions of the adventure, and should be held accountable,' Qasemi said.

He said that the attack is a reaction to the defeat of the terrorists in Aleppo and Ghouta.

This will reveal once more the US double standards and its biased policies towards the world, he said, adding that such behaviour will certainly weaken the bases of peace and security in the world and will bolster the extremism besides intensifying the instability and unrest in the region.

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